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Another Yitzhak

A short film that focuses on a personal story of my family.
Rivka's world is turned upside down when her beloved husband, Yitzhak, is diagnosed with dementia. As he begins to lose his identity and memories, Rivka struggles to come to terms with the difficult separation that lies ahead.
Through personal anecdotes and heart-wrenching moments, we witness Rivka's journey as she copes with the devastating effects of Yitzhak's illness. Even after his passing,
Rivka continues to tell stories about him, keeping his memory alive as she navigates the lasting impact of their separation on her family.

The short film

Nominations at festivals around the world

The film has been entered into elevn competitions spanning across different festivals


  • SWIFF competition - Student World Impact Film Festival, New Jersey, USA

  • Born in Baltimore Film & Photography Festival - Baltimore,Maryland,USA

Work process


I conducted a project on my grandfather's life by collecting important documents and pictures, such as old letters he wrote to my grandmother. He led a rich and fascinating life, and I felt compelled to honor both his passing and his life story.

I created a timeline of events by interviewing family members who shared their experiences with him. I chose what was important for me to include as part of the project, and I thought about the aspects that shaped his personality, such as what he loved, his priorities, and the values he instilled in his children.

Rationale for the project

After reading about dementia and similar diseases and families who experienced it, I discovered that what makes dementia unique is the sudden jumps in impairment, rather than
a gradual decline. This reminded me of my experiences with my grandfather, where each time I saw him, his condition was noticeably worse than before.

I reflected on how difficult it was for me to interact with him,
the feeling of discomfort and embarrassment, and the sense that he didn't fully understand me. I wanted to explore the personal conflict of "losing the person you knew" and the self-shame and disappointment that comes with it.

While researching existing projects on the topic, I noticed that most of them focused on Alzheimer's and similar diseases. So, I aimed to create a project that addressed the ambivalent feelings of aging in relation to memory and the changes that come with dementia.