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Based in Barcelona

Working all around

Art director

Film maker

Hello! I'm Dina



basic: Html, css, Java

everyday use: Sketch, Figma

Dina Stescovich
Barcelona, Spain


I'm a creator and product designer pursuing a master's in Art Directing and New Narratives in Barcelona, Spain.

I specialize in designing complex systems at "Studio 0815", drawing on my background in visual communication design and interactive media production.

I have a deep passion for art directing, conceptual design, and storytelling. My work is characterized by bold and intriguing compositions that make creative use of color and materials, even in unexpected settings like a construction site or a different and interesting street.

my work been recognized and awarded at international film festivals, including the prestigious Special Prize for the Health Organization "Film for Health Festival" in Geneva and the 'Originality and Creativity' award at the "FOMI Festival" in London.

These achievements highlight my dedication to impactful storytelling through design, and I invite you to explore my portfolio to witness the stories behind each of my designs.

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