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A new channel that explored sexuality through educational and enriching content, including programs and series that showcased
a realistic and true-to-life portrayal of sexuality. Unlike traditional pornographic channels, my platform offered an alternative perspective that openly and sensitively taught about open and true sexuality across all genders.

My vision was to promote healthy sexual discourse and eliminate the sense of taboo associated with the topic. I valued intrigue, sexual exploration, and thoughtfulness.


Authentic- Focused on genuine and honest representations of sexuality.
Empowering- Encouraging individuals to explore and embrace their sexuality in a positive
and healthy way.
Educational- Providing a platform for informative and educational content around
sexual topics.

The graphic system 

my annotation was To visually engage my audience and create a playful and intimate connection to sex, my graphic system featured space imagery that, upon closer inspection, revealed sexual images. This approach offered a compelling and entertaining way to access sexual content.
The color system draws inspiration from the romantic hues of a sunset, evoking a sense of warmth and sensuality. By utilizing these colors, the design conveys a feeling of intimacy and passion, creating a visually captivating experience.

The illustration technique utilizes computerized technology, yet still maintains a whimsical, childlike quality to engage younger viewers and preserve a playful atmosphere. Created in Illustrator, the illustrations were then animated in After Effects using various effects and camera movements to bring the journey through space to life. Additionally, Cinema 4D was utilized to create multi-angled objects, while shadow neutralization preserved the 2D, flat appearance of the overall illustration."

A colorful palette


Videos work progress

Concept development

I created ideas and developed a concept for each video, considering how to incorporate elements from space into the design while also effectively communicating the message about healthy sexuality


I created a visual representation of how each video will look and flow, using sketches

or digital illustrations of key scenes and notes about camera angles, transitions,

and other visual effects.

Asset creation

I created the necessary assets for each video, such as illustrations, graphics, and other visual elements. I used Illustrator to create these assets, and incorporated elements from space such as stars, planets, and galaxies.


I used After Effects to animate elements within the scene, including creating keyframes and using animation curves to control the timing and motion of each element.

Sound design

I collaborated with music creator Avner Aden to produce original music for each video that would complement the atmosphere and tone. Avner's expertise in music composition and production allowed us to create a unique soundtrack that enhanced the overall viewing experience.

Final edits

I reviewed each video and made any final adjustments or edits, such as tweaking the timing of animations, adjusting color or brightness, or adding additional visual effects.

Logo animation


channel schedule

Designing social networks

YouTube end screen

logobag & popap

Throughout the creative process,I produced a variety
of sketches that illustrated the concept prior to selecting the appropriate language.

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