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MADNN magazine

In the untamed realms of Iceland's wilderness, In the heart of nature's

grandeur on a journey of discovery, delving deep into the primal essence of instinct.

The second edition 'instinct' of MADNN magazine explores the raw beauty of natural landscapes that inspire and shape our emotional journey, blending vivid imagery and earthy tones to visually depict the transition from Iceland's landscapes to the depths of human feeling.

Points of contact: art directing, styling, ​photography, editing, editorial design.

my roles: editor of 'MADNN' magzine.Co author, creator andexecutive of the article “we danced"

Magazine lunch and exhibit

On a Friday evening in May 24th, three months into our work on the magazine, we hosted a festive launch event on a rooftop at sunset. Many attended to admire the magazine and its photography, sharing in our joy as we introduced it to the world. Limited edition copies were sold, and guests enjoyed music, drinks, and great company.


In the untamed realms of Iceland's wilderness,In the heart of nature's grandeur on a journey of discovery, delvingdeep into the primal essence of instinct.

Through seven articles, withine the breathtaking landscapes that stretch as far as the eye can see, we invite you to join us on an odyssey of intuition, where every step unveils the raw beauty and untamed spirit of instinct.


we thoughtfully divided it into three distinct sections, each with its own thematic color and focus.

The pages of the magazine are matte recycled paper, which absorbs colors naturally and gives the magazine an earthy, organic feel. This choice of material reinforces the magazine's connection to nature and the environment, enhancing the overall sensory experience for the reader.


The first section, Destruction, is rendered in vibrant orange. This part of the magazine represents the pre-creation phase, showcasing volcanic activity and the raw, untamed energy of the Earth.

The middle section, Chronicle, is in stark black, symbolizing the origin. This segment features our Icelandic adventure, with the article itself printed on glossy black pages that create a striking contrast and serve as a central divide within the magazine. This glossy finish emphasizes the significance of our personal narrative amid the broader themes.

The final section, Creation, is colored green and depicts the emergence of life and the world's creation. This part of the magazine represents renewal and growth, concluding the thematic journey from chaos to order.


"Instink typeface" is a font developed from intuitive patterns of nature elements collected during our stay in Iceland.Each letter was extracted from the shape left by frozen water drops after being stepped on. In the same way that our journey through the Icelandic landscape was intuitive, so were our steps in it, and the patterns and the trace we left behind were the basis used for the development of the main typeface of this issue 02 of MADNN Mag.


Designing the cover was a particularly intricate part of the process. We selected an interactive font and incorporated a snow-like texture to give the cover a unique, tactile feel. To enhance the title, we used a special finishing technique that made the text both prominent and glossy. This combination of interactive elements and high-quality finishes created a striking and memorable cover that set the tone for the entire magazine.