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Vulvo and Dynia

For my final project in my degree program, I delved into the experience of living with pain syndromes during penetration from various angles.

I collected stories from different women, including my own, and consulted with leading professionals in the field. Using a combination of live action and animation, I created a short film that is mostly based on personal experiences.

The film presents a monologue of a woman dealing with the many challenges of penetration pain syndromes, from conflicts with doctors, partners, and others who do not understand her pain to the difficulty of receiving a diagnosis and the struggles of feeling different from society.

I strongly believe that raising awareness of these syndromes and normalizing them can help more women recognize the options available

for treatment and approach towards their syndromes. Most importantly, it can alleviate the difficulties in self-acceptance that these women face.

creator: Dina stescovich
guider: Karin Keiner
actor and voiceover: Neta sarig
Other actors: Tal Amar, Amnon Sivan, Yuval Avni, Natan Stescovich,
Tom Friedman
Photography: Amber Alon
Lighting: Sharon Kiryti
Music producer: Alon Glassner
Coloring: Jamie Levinkind
Additional guidance: Bob Orel, Erez Bachar, Neta Sarig

Special thanks: Ben Stescovich, Orly Stescovich, Natan Stescovich, Amnon Sivan,

Shir heled, Noy Eliyahu, Yuval Halevy, Gal Lahav,

Additional thanks: Adi Karelitz, Sharon Orshmili, "שלמה" organization, "מדברות על VV" on facebook.
this is a student film: Visual communication design, HIT Holon Institute of Technology

The full film:

Nominations & winnings at festivals around the world

The film has been entered into elevn competitions spanning across different festivals, including locations such as Europe, Hong Kong, and the USA. I had the privilege of attending the prestigious awarding ceremony at UCL "FOMI festival" in London as a winner, witnessing its screening at the CLIT festival in Stubal, Portugal, and participating in the student film competition in person at Unifest in Salerno, Italy.


  • Originality and creativity award - FOMI, Festival of Moving Image 2023, London, England

  • Winner of spacial price for "Sexual and Reproductive Health" World Health Organization, Health for All Film Festival, Switzerland

  •  jury's grand prize - ODSencorto 2023. Valenica, Spain


  • Finalist in Unifest competition for student films at the Linea d'Ombra Festival in Salerno, Italy

  • Semi-finalist and won an honorable mention at del Cinema di Cefalù festival, Italy

  • Quarter-finalist in swiff competition - Student World Impact Film Festival, New Jersey, USA

Additional performances:
CLIT festival setubal, Portugal
OnScreen Film Festival Pennsylvania, USA
GUFA- Global University Film Awards Hong Kong
Lift-Off Filmmaker Sessions England
England International Women's Day film festival

Reto por el Mundo, San Sebastián, Spain

work process


The project began as a seminar on pain syndromes during penetration
and their portrayal in the media. I started by wondering how awareness can be raised for the best and which topic I should focus in.
After conducting historical research, I recognized the need to shift from
a purely medical perspective to a more social and sexual approach when discussing this syndromes. I grappled with the challenge of visually representing an emotional and mental subject that is often overlooked.